I don’t usually start delving into my yarn crafts until the weather puts me in a mood to do so. Knitting and crocheting, for me, is what one does when one is curled up indoors with a nice cup of hot cocoa while it snows (or rains) outside. Who wants to stay stationary and knit while the sun is shining? Especially in the Pacific Northwest; I’d have to be crazy to waste precious time inside when I could be out and about, soaking up the nice weather. However, this summer in Seattle hasn’t been as sunny as we could have hoped for, and I’ve found myself picking up my knitting needles and crochet hooks a little early this year. And just to show off:

(click for larger pic)

My first attempt at cables. The yarn is half wool, half soy silk, so it feels reeeeally nice!

My first attempt at felting. This is a sushi handbag, which is being prepared for *cough*someone’sbirthday*cough* I still need to sew on the little sushi, but that’s basically what it will look like when I’m done.

The leftover yarn from the sushi bag is being whipped up into an iPhone sock for my friend Jules; although, right at the moment it just looks like a blob of yarn on some double-pointed needles.