Have I mentioned lately that I adore Fall? The fabulous colors in the foliage, the crispness in the air, cozying up with my yarn and a steaming cup of herbal tea. I finally finished the cabled scarf, and it is now on its way to its new (and unsuspecting) owner courtesy of FedEx.

I only used two of the three skeins that I bought for this project, and I’ve decided that I love this yarn so much and I simply must make a sweater out of it. *sigh* You know, if I actually saved all of the money that I spend on yarn instead of blowing it at the various and sundry yarn stores in the greater Seattle area, I might actually be able to buy my new MacBook Pro someday. But then, I wouldn’t be able to make snazzy things, like this cute hat I popped out in one night:

Who needs a new MacBook Pro, anyway, when I still have my trusty PowerBook? *strokes the Baby G4*