One FO to report, as well as a work in progress!


Pattern: Toasty Tootsies by Allena Williams (Ravel that sucker!)
Yarn: Wooly Singles from Angora Valley Fibers

This is only the second felting project I’ve ever done, and the first wasn’t something fitted. I wasn’t sure these gigantic socks I was knitting would shrink down to the size I needed them to be, but three cycles in the washing machine took care of that! I think these will be the perfect size for the recipient and her chilly toes. 🙂 (Seriously, people asked me if I was knitting socks for Shrek. They were ginormous.)

I’ve started another pair of socks:


I confess, I’m on an Anne Hanson kick. Her patterns are just so beautiful, and I knew as soon as I saw these socks that I had to knit them. The yarn is from Fearless Fibers, and I am loving it! The colorway is just so beautiful; everyone who sees me working on these gushes over the colors.

See that lovely little pouch that my sock project is in? It’s my first (and certainly not my last) sock pouch made by Satomi. It’s the perfect size to carry sock projects in, and I absolutely love it! Check out her Etsy shop, and let her know that I sent you. Us Seattle girls gotta stick together!