I’ve dug into my stash of Socks That Rock, and started a new pair:


Can I say again how much I love this yarn? It just feels… neat. The colors are fabulous, as always, and I love the little bit of pooling I got at the top when I decided to switch to a smaller needle earlier than the pattern called for. I can’t wait to see what the colors do at the heel and foot.

I also have a Finished Object; well, a piece that was mostly finished quite a while ago, but I was just lazy about weaving in the ends.


Pattern: Garden Scarf by Michelle Ameron (Ravel that sucker!)
Yarn: Aurora 8 from Karabella; Orchid, Plum & Beige

I finally got them all taken care of last week, and gave it a light blocking on Saturday to flatten the flowers a bit. My boyfriend took one look at this thing and said “You’re crazy.” Why yes, yes I am!