Oh wow, I really have been slacking… Somehow, the Fall and Holiday season went by so flippin’ fast! I have been doing some knitting, at least, to keep me sane!


Pattern: Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman (Ravel that sucker!)
Yarn: Whisper Merino Laceweight from The Woolen Rabbit; Arabian Nights

Another Aeolian! I loved the pattern so much, I had to do another one. This time I didn’t place the beads where the pattern says to (except the three bead groups in the Agave and Edge Set-up Charts) and instead of doing nupps, I placed beads. With the weight of the yarn I used, I think this was perfect! I also found myself in a major bind; I totally screwed up the middle in the Edge Set-up Chart, and ended up improvising the center edge of the shawl.


It seemed to come out alright, so I’m good with that!


Pattern: Autumn Hat by Ruth Sørensen (Ravel that sucker!)
Yarn: Wool/Acrylic 8/2 from Kauni; EV

My first ‘real’ colorwork, I wore this hat all Autumn and received many compliments. Love it!


Pattern: Ivy Vines by Anne Hanson (Ravel that sucker!)
Yarn: Berry Sincere Sheep, hundspun from Tactile Fiber Arts fiber; Berries and Cream


Pattern: Ivy Vines by Anne Hanson (Ravel that sucker!)
Yarn: Silk Blend Manos del Uruguay; 3043

Both of these cowls were Christmas gifts; what a beautiful, quick knit!

New strategy for next year’s Christmas knitting: start early. And when I say ‘early’, I mean ‘now’. 😉