I have knitter’s ADD. I can’t have just one or two projects going, I need several. I think I’m just so excited about several different techniques, patterns and fibers, and I can’t wait to start another project before I have an older one finished. Seriously. Knitter’s ADD.

A while back, my friend Courtney and I hit up a post-Halloween sale at Michael’s. She was going for the huge one-pounders of yarn for the many Harry Potter scarves she had planned for Christmas gifts, and I found some interesting yarn as well.


I bought up several balls, thinking I could find something to do with the acrylic/wool blend. Eventually I did, with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Unoriginal Hat.


So much fun! I love cables, and this hat gives me my cable fix. I have more than enough yarn; I’m thinking I’ll modify the cabling a bit and make a scarf as well.

Then for work, I’m making a scarf for each clerk’s conference we go to as a donation for their silent auctions. My boss is paying for the yarn, and I’m whipping them up. Easy, fun knitting that someone else is paying for? Yes, please!


Clerks like shiny things, much like raccoons.

Then there’s the Karaoke sweater, which I’m slowly knitting up when I get bored with other things.



I bought a new digital camera (I was in dire need) and every new electronic toy needs it’s own sock.