This is my first attempt at any kind of lace, and so far I haven’t ripped anything out in frustration. This is especially amazing because I was sick most of last week, and a vast amount of what I’ve knit so far on these mitts was while I was in a flu-induced haze. The branched fern panel looks right, so I guess I still had enough brain power to concentrate on the pattern. When I told my boyfriend this, he looked at me in awe and amazement. He would check in on me periodically while I was ill, and he knew how out of it I was. Heh.

Speaking of the boy, he loves his new socks! I was freaking out at first, because the soak I had given them made them grow. Since this was my first time knitting with Socks that Rock, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting that. He assures me that they still fit fine, and I checked yesterday when he was wearing them and they look fine, if maybe a bit loose on the leg. I’m still going to make a few adjustments for the next pair I make him (for there will be many pairs for him in the future, I’m sure) but he loves the feel of the yarn and genuinely appreciates the time I put into them. Such a good lad.