I have a confession, and I am deeply ashamed to admit this…

I’ve been working on the same project, and no other project, for over two years now.

Well, ok, that’s not true. I knit up a super-cute monster for my niece.

Peyton's Penelope

Pattern: Penelope the Empathetic Monster by Rebecca Danger (Ravel that sucker!)
Yarn: Comfy Worsted from Knit Picks; Pink, Green

And a nifty baby blanket (which I clearly need to get better pictures of).

Girlfriend's baby blankie

Pattern: Girlfriend’s Baby Blankie by Me!
Yarn: Comfy Worsted from Knit Picks; Black, Hawk, Whisker, White, Lilac, Blackberry

And an absolutely adorable owl hat.


Pattern: Hoot Toque by Megan Grewal (Ravel that sucker!)
Yarn: Comfy Sport from Knit Picks; White and Comfy Worsted from Knit Picks; Lilac, Ivory, Hawk

But ultimately, I take the most pride in a project that is not knitted.


That little girl is 18 months old now, and she is the sole reason why I feel like I’ve been working on only one knitting project for the last two years. And you know what? I’m totally ok with that.

(The two-year-old UFO is another Mûrier Noir. I want to double check the charts before I send it off to test knitters. Currently, I’m hoping to have that done before my first-born’s second birthday. We’ll see if Toddzilla will allow that to happen.)

And the owl hat was for my daughter’s first Halloween costume. SO. CUTE.