I am so close to finishing these socks!


(These photos don’t do justice to the colorway; it’s much darker in person, and the greens and purples add nice, subtle color to the socks. Silly lighting.)

I have such issues finishing the second sock. My boyfriend has rather large feet (well, when compared to mine, they’re ginormous) and finishing out the foot has been a monotonous task. However, his birthday was this last weekend, and when I presented the finished sock to him a) it fit like a dream, and b) he loved it. Yay!


See that little ball of yarn? That’s all that I have left of this skein. I ordered a second one, just to be on the safe side, so I’ll probably need to dip into it to finish out the toe. Ah well, whatever is left of the second skein I’ll knit up into something for me; maybe some ankle socks, or fingerless mitts. I love this colorway, so I have no problem having this much yarn left over!

As for knitting socks on circulars: I’m sold. It’s definitely a bit faster, and way more portable. I don’t know if I’ll knit all my socks on circulars from now on, but I can certainly appreciate this technique.