This is my excuse for ignoring my blog, as well as most of what’s on my needles:


A couple weeks ago, I took a spinning class at the Weaving Works. I’ve been experimenting with drop spindling on my own, but I wanted to learn from a pro all of the little tricks that I couldn’t pick up on my own, as well as what to do with it after I’m done spinning. Our teacher was amazing, and she taught us quite a few lovely little tricks.


I made one little mini skein during class, and our teacher sent us home with a handful of roving to practice on.


The picture at the top of this post is going to be my first ‘real’ yarn, hopefully. It’s so nice and relaxing to just sit and spin… Except, of course, when I break my yarn or get the extra roving in my hand mixed up in what’s already spun up! So far, though, this has only happened a couple times. As long as I keep going cool and steady, and don’t try to get ahead of myself, it flows pretty well.

Next week I’m flying to Denver for a conference, and I’m going to try and take my spindle in my carry-on. We’ll see how that flies!